A Co-Criação, o Crowdsourcing e a Sustentabilidade Aplicada à Gestão e Comunicação de Marcas de Moda

João Morais


The recent alterations of the world economic context in general and Europe in particular combined with the ecologic, climatic and social crisis determine the structural characteristics of the different systems and led to the market change.

This first disturbed period of the XXI century, based specially on the financial collapse, had the particularity among other aspects of raising doubts about the principles, values and consumption practices of the last decades.

In assuming their status, they are increasingly aware, powerful, socially and interventional upon business to a sociopolitical level in order to give the modelling and adaptation of economic mechanisms according to their own values. Therefore, they reach a central role in co-creation system value in which economy is no longer driven by the market but for the consumer himself. In the particular case of fashion, the reorientation of the consumer’s choice criterions of behaviour referred, allowed the value proposal to incorporate these new realities. It is an evolution to a new market approach of holistic nature and sustainable which combine the marketing environment, the global nature of the markets and express the new economic and social paradigms. This is a movement that is in course as the brand project seen in this study, {r}evolution apparel and Threadless.   


communication, consumer, co-creation, crowdsourcing and sustainability.

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