A mineração de dados como ferramenta na busca de padrões para indicação de leitura literária

Maria Souza


Aimed at encouraging academic / as to the importance of literary reading we used the computer resources to identify the player profile. In addition to the history of literary books loans analysis in Athena Library of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Goiás Technology Campus Inhumas (IFG-Campus Inhumas) was applied to the focus group technique to identify the socioeconomic, cultural and psychological profile the degree of students in Chemistry (LQ) and then indicate literary readings. It supplemented the analysis with data mining using the Weka tool (Weka The University of Waikato, 2014). Aimed to the end of the research to build a database with the socio-economic-cultural and psychological profile of / the students of LQ, allowing reading indication of literary works which would fit the profile of this public investigation. With the findings arising from this research, and sought to build a database with the various profiles of readers / as found, was intended to provide this database as a public resource for all / as getting to know your reader's profile / a or motivate new / the readers / as.


Data mining; Literary reading; motivation; Player profile; University library.


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