An Application to create and Simulation of didactic games on Internet

Dulcinéia Pires, Sandrerley Pires, Cassiomar Lopes


This work aim to support the teacher in your didactic planning, by increase its didactic resources, turning possible the use of didactic games created by own teacher. In addition, the work sought to provide the games on WEB environment to be used in classroom or in distance learning courses. The paper describe the theoretical conception of a generic computational environment to create and provide didactic games to pupils. By the creation of a formal model to map all features of a game, it is possible to develop a software able to simulate, in a computational environment, the mapped game. From the analysis of several didactic games approaches, it was possible to create a model composed by a state chart diagram to represent the steps sequences of the game, and a knowledge base, as in an expert system, to map all game rules. This model permits to analyze and to control the game execution, calculating and showing the results of the players' actions. This work concludes that from these two elements it is possible to simulate a didactic game. To show the effectivity of the proposed approach, this work presents the results of computational implementation, as well a game sample.


Didactic Game, Game Simulation, Expert system.


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International Journal of Marketing, Communication and New Media

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